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How does the purchase process work?

To purchase a Build-to-Rent property:

  1. Become a Loan.Gallery member through the online sign-up system.
  2. Once approved, sign in and review all Build-to-Rent property inventory.
  3. Do research! Make use of 3rd party companies.
  4. Select a property.
  5. A Loan.Gallery Customer Service Representative will be in contact to discuss any questions regarding the process.


To acquire Institutional Loans:

  1. Become a Loan.Gallery member through the online sign-up system.
  2. Once approved, sign in and review the institutional portfolio.
  3. Do research! Make use of 3rd party companies.
  4. Once a decision to begin the process to acquire institutional whole loans has been made, a rep from Mainsail Capital, LLC will get in touch with you regarding the process.  
One of my notes left my cart and now, I can't find it. It has also disappeared from the inventory. What happened?

When a property or whole note disappears from your cart, it may have been purchased by another investor. If this happens, please contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you and answer any questions or inquiries about a specific loan or set of loans. If the loan is in fact sold, we will assist you in finding another similar whole note.

What happens once you have requested to buy a portion of our available notes?

A Loan.Gallery Customer Service Representative will reach out to you to discuss next steps.

What sets Loan.Gallery apart?

Loan.Gallery possesses decades of experience in real estate development and mortgage lending operations, which provides Loan.Gallery with its competitive edge.

Loan.Gallery, through its parent company Mainsail Capital, LLC and Snap.Build®, understands the construction lending process by monitoring the construction payments from permit to sale. By paying all subcontractor bills directly and obtaining lien releases from each subcontractor, this end-to-end process allows payment to borrower’s vendors several times per month. The builders then benefit from this process and they receive better subcontractor service and pricing.

What are the risks?

All opportunities have some degree of risk.

What are the benefits of using Loan.Gallery?

Loan.Gallery, through its Web Portal Marketplace, offers opportunities to purchase Whole Notes and invest in institutional loans without any third party fees.

Loan.Gallery’s parent company Mainsail Capital, LLC underwrites and closes its loans directly. Purchaser’s interest starts accruing immediately upon receipt of funds from the escrow agent.

What types of opportunities does Loan.Gallery offer?

Loan.Gallery offers for sale Whole Notes and Build to Rent properties secured by real estate. Once purchased, the purchaser of the note obtains a first lien position via a recorded Assignment of Mortgage and Related Loan Documents. These are called Investment Whole Notes.

Loan.Gallery also offers investment opportunities in institutional loans. Please contact us at 904-834-5555 for more information.

How does Loan.Gallery vet its Loan Portfolio?

Loan.Gallery’s parent company Mainsail Capital does not work with third-party originators or rely on third-party underwriting. Mainsail Capital underwrites every borrower and asset directly.

Is Loan.Gallery a broker- dealer?

Loan.Gallery is not a broker-dealer.