What sets Loan.Gallery apart?

Loan.Gallery'sTM senior partners possess decades of experience in real estate development and mortgage lending operations, which provides Loan.GalleryTM with its competitive edge.

Further, Loan.GalleryTM through its parent company Mainsail CapitalTM, and sister company Snap.BuildTM, understands the construction lending process by controlling and monitoring the construction payments from permit to sale. By paying all subcontractor bills directly and obtaining lien releases from each subcontractor this end-to-end process allows payment to borrower’s vendors several times per month. This in turn benefits the builders with better subcontractor service and pricing.

With this unique business model, underwriting guidelines and structure, purchasers face limited risk from Asset Quality, Economic Cycles and Duration. To further manage risk, in addition to completing an industry standard appraisal and borrower credit review, additional comparative sales analysis is obtained. This extra step and analysis ensures that the true value of the properties are considered for the loan portfolio.

What types of opportunities does Loan.GalleryTM offer?

Loan.GalleryTM offers for sale, Whole Notes secured by real estate. Once purchased the purchaser of the note obtains a first lien position via a recorded Assignment of Mortgage and Related Loan Documents. These are called Individual Whole Notes.

How does Loan.GalleryTM vet its Loan Portfolio?

Loan.Gallery'sTM parent company Mainsail CapitalTM does not work with third-party originators or rely on third-party underwriting. Mainsail CapitalTM underwrites every borrower and asset directly.

What are the benefits of using Loan.GalleryTM?

Loan.GalleryTM through its Web Portal Marketplace offers direct opportunities to purchase Whole Notes without any third party fees. This means no sales fees, no loads and possible higher yields. Loan.Gallery'sTM parent company Mainsail CapitalTM underwrites and closes its loans directly so there is no title gap or risk of not having funds to close. Purchasers interest starts accruing immediately upon receipt of funds from the escrow agent.

Does Loan.GalleryTM charge any fee's?

Loan.GalleryTM through its Web Portal Marketplace offers direct opportunities to purchase Whole Notes without any third party fees. This means no sales fees, no loads and possible higher yields.

Is Loan.GalleryTM a broker- dealer?

Loan.GalleryTM is not a broker-dealer.

What are the Risk's?

All opportunities have some degree of risk. Loan.GalleryTMthrough its parent company Mainsail CapitalTM and sister company Snap.BuildTM goes to great lengths to control and mitigate those risks.The underlying assets are new homes under construction by home building companies. Mainsail CapitalTM and Snap.BuildTM service and monitor the loan through the construction process. By maintaining conservative Loan-To-Value ratios, controlling the bill paying process and even assisting in the sales process helps control risk. Loan.GalleryTM strongly advises that each potential purchaser to do their own due diligence for whole note sales.

Can I utilize my self-directed 401K?

Yes, Loan.GalleryTM can work with your custodian and is pre-approved with Equity Trust Company.

How does the purchase process work?

To purchase an Individual Whole Note:

  • Become a Loan.GalleryTM member through the online sign-up system.
  • Once approved, sign in and review all Individual Whole Note inventory.
  • Do research! Make use of 3rd party companies.
  • Select a note.
  • A Loan.GalleryTM Customer Service Representative or Specialist will be in contact to discuss any questions regarding the process.
  • Once a decision to purchase a specific note is made, a Loan.GalleryTM Specialist will email the required purchase documents.
  • Complete the required paperwork including signing the documents electronically through DocuSign.
  • Save completed documents via a pdf file and email them back to a Loan.GalleryTM Specialist at matt@loan.gallery.
  • Funds are to be wired to Loan.Gallery'sTM closing attorney/title company listed on the documents.
  • Once the funds are received and documents are completed, Loan.Gallery'sTM attorney will execute and record the Assignment of Mortgage and Related Loan Documents.
  • A copy of the recorded Assignment of Mortgage and Related Loan Documents will be provided to you via email.

How do we price our loans?

We use a pricing engine based on the factors of LTV, Term, Interest Reserve and Spec/Pre-Sales.

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